Your Network – Store, share and recall with Uniconn

Uniconn helps you share, manage and recall your connections better.

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Uniconn Card


Share contact smartly with just a tap using NFC embedded Uniconn card


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Personalized with your name

✔ Custom design available

Uniconn Dot


A smart accessory to your phone that shares any link with one tap


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Personalized with your name

✔ Custom design available

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Simple Easy steps to Network Smartly

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Get a Uniconn product that works the best for you


Download the free Uniconn app and set up your profile


Activate your product to your profile when it arrives


Profile Shairng using in-app QR code or Uniconn product

Akash Shah

“Uniconn helped me expand my digital footprint and tell a consistent story. It also helps me eliminate waste associated with traditional hardcopy business cards.”

Mayank Agasia

“With the world turning more digital, old methodologies are losing their step. Uniconn can reduce the waste and money by keeping your information up to date, easy to access and quick to distribute.”

Disha More

“I cannot be more grateful to have found Uniconn. I carry just one card and it saves the day when I’m meeting new people.”

Our Features

NFC Technology

Hassle free, quick, wireless transfer through NFC

QR code

QR code solution for phones that does not support NFC

Switch Profiles

Switch between personal and professional profile on go

Assured Security

Our tech sales team is here to help you whenever you need

Lightening Share

Share profile 10x faster

Personal SEO

Become more searchable in contacts

Geo Tagging

Locate contacts on map to identify easily

Plug & Play

No app is needed to share contacts through smart cards

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uniconn Smart Business card?

Uniconn smart business card is a physical business card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to store and share contact details. Data is exchanged by simply touching them.

Is my phone compatible with Uniconn Products?

iPhone XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, 14 or SE support NFC technology and hence Uniconn products work with just a tap. Most android phones in the market support NFC as long as it is turned on. QR codes can be scanned for phones not supporting NFC.

How to enable NFC on my phone?

NFC is always enabled on iPhone XR and later models.So, no additional settings required. For android phones supporting NFC, to enable it, go to Settings -> Connections and  Enable NFC and Contactless Payments option.

How to activate the Uniconn product?

Download the application from the AppStore or PlayStore. Sign Up and tap the product received from Uniconn. Set up a profile by filling in details.

Can I have more than one Uniconn product activated to my digital business card?

Yes! You can activate an unlimited number of products to your single profile. Many of our customers have a Uniconn dot on their phone & a card in their wallet.